Jacquard Silk Sarees – A STUNNING ETHNIC WEAR (H1)

Sarees are an essential part of the wardrobe of Indian women. This 6-yard sheer grace makes its place through every occasion in India. In Jacquard sarees, different types of fabrics, designs, motifs, and colours are used in making sarees which differ from city to city. A particular type of material used in making jacquard sarees uses a unique style of weaving is Jacquard. Unlike other fabrics, it is woven directly on the fabric; the design is not embroidery.

Jacquard is an age-old way of weaving cloth. In early times, Jacquard was weaved in a process called drawloom. Drawloom was a lengthy process, and the designs were straightforward and standard. After the invention of the Jacquard loom, the machine started making many different patterns. The capacity of making cloth increased. But now, with technological improvement, the weaving of Jacquard fabric is computerized. The whole weaving process is less time-consuming, and it can create more complex designs with ease.

Suitable Season for Wearing Jacquard Sarees (H2)

Jacquard printed Sarees fabric is the best suitable fabric for the winter season. Jacquard Silk Sarees have natural warmness in them, which you can utilize while you drape them to wedding parties or outdoor events in the chilly evenings of the winter. Or you can pair them with a beautiful lily flower and wrap a classic shawl along with a long-sleeved blouse to get the fascinating look.

Incredible Ethnic Indian Jacquard Saree Styles for Women (H2)

Convertible with culture, the saree has always been a prized property for every Indian woman. The popularity of this garment has led to the birth of a wide variety of sarees in India, and it is loved by many people. As a result, jacquard sarees are rising as one of the most sought-after species.

As the name recommends, this saree is crafted out of a particular type of fabric, known as Jacquard. Women across the country are loved to wear these sarees because of the advanced woven patterns. The designer saree is directly woven into the fabric. This feature makes them a popular choice among saree lovers across the world with all age groups.

The weavers also work very hard to understand the market's needs, which is trending nowadays and are always trying to come up with something new. As a result, many fashion designers across the nation are creating innovative designs for the saree that have grabbed the fancy of the current generation.

The traditional jacquard fabric comes in 3 different varieties: brocade, damask, and matelasse, a hit with women on festive occasions. Wearing a jacquard saree, however, is a bit complex due to the intricate weaving pattern. Before, when the computerized machine was not available, making these sarees was very time-consuming due to the absence of modern equipment.