How to Wear Co-Ord For Men? | High Tips to tug Off the Matching Co-Ord Sets Men

How to Wear Co-Ord For Men? | High Tips to tug Off the Matching

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You’ve all told chance seen mates, families and fashionistas carrying men’s co-ords incalculable times whereas not knowing what those matching sets unit called. In easy terms, a co-ord may be a group of clothes, generally consisting of two things, fabricated from the identical material.

Men’s co-ords square measure any combination: jersey and joggers, hoodie and shorts, cardigan and joggers, jacket and trousers, and so on, farewell as they match. Co-ords square measure wise, casual, sporty, relaxed, and outrageous or one thing in between.

The fact is, co-ords produce life merely that little bit easier. You don’t get to fret concerning what goes on and what clashes and your entire outfit is nice to travel at a second’s notice. Less wardrobe space is required and you look nice from every angle. That’s all told by chance why the gents in Love Island loved them so much last summer.

When to Wear Men’s Co-Ord Sets?

Whether it’s a date with someone you'd wish to impress, some drinks with the lads, or a family get-together throughout a relative’s back garden, there’s a men’s twin set for you. Take a look at these ideas for the men’s co-ords you would like in your life.



Playing sport


Beach party


Smart casual

Smarter occasions

How to Wear Men’s Co-Ord Sets?

OK, let’s get all the methods all the way down to it. Here unit our high five tips for propulsion of a 2-piece matching set and clutches the trend that is co-ords.



Choose sets in neutrals or pastels for formal occasions.

Opt for daring prints if the setting issues an extra relaxed codification.

If you are carrying a written co-ord, opt for solid-coloured sneakers to balance it out.

If you’re carrying a bunch of shorts and a shirt, break it down with a white tee or vest for a fragile impact.

Make sure to spherical off your co-ord outfit with cool accessories.

1. select sets in toned-down neutrals or pastels for formal occasions.

If you'd wish to wear your men’s twin set to an extra formal occasion, choose a color that won’t cause you to face the type of a sore thumb. That way, you’re merely carrying shorts and a shirt, and if you choose an improved selection, you will be able to depart with it.

2. Opt for daring prints if the setting issues an extra relaxed codification.

The great news concerning men’s matching sets is {that you|that you merely|that you just} simply square measure as ostentatious as you would like. If you are feeling like it’s your time to create an associate degree announcement, then choose it with bright colors and prints that can’t fail to create a bearing.

3. If you are carrying a written co-ord, opt for solid-coloured sneakers to balance it out.

This is a solid gold fashion recommendation. Balance out a busy aesthetic with the right footwear and there's very little question that your men’s co-ord is the trend for this season.


4. If you’re carrying a bunch of shorts and a shirt, break it down with a white tee or vest for a fragile impact.

While unbuttoned shirts are nice for the right occasion, generally you would like to tone it down a little. Wear a white tee or vest at a lower place on your open shirt and you may be able to still blow their horns on your carton whereas not showing an associate degree excessive quantity of flesh.

5. Guarantee to spherical off your co-ord outfit with cool accessories.

A cross-body bag goes regarding any twin set. A bucket hat or a hankie and a stripe of shades are wonderful to wear with men’s shirts and shorts sets. Add your various chunky jewelry, a dog tag, a sequence or a pendant and your look is complete.

What to Wear with Men’s Co-Ord Sets?

With men’s co-ords, you will never again stand litigator of carrying colors or patterns that don’t go on. However, what should you wear at the side of your favorite shirt and shorts matching set? Check au fait our suggestions below.

A white tee or vest

Solid-coloured trainers


A bucket hat

A bandana


Chunky jewelry

5 Best Tips To Buy Night Wear Suit for Women Online

5 Best Tips To Buy Night Wear Suit for Women Online

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After finishing the chores of the day, we tend to most frequently simply place confidence in caressing in bed the primary factor we tend to reach home. We regularly take the laziness to require a toll on North American countries and don’t place confidence in what to wear before touching the bed, that isn’t a good factor. Night Suits are even as necessary as what you wear throughout the workplace, night outs, or throughout those date nights. After all, what’s higher than obtaining a decent night’s sleep? That aforesaid, it’s time you offer your nightwear even as abundant attention as you offer those different clothes Therefore buy night suits online according to your comfort.

If you’re simply moving into the globe of night suits and don't seem to be positive regarding however and wherever to urge started, we've noncommissioned a number of tips that may assist you to decide the correct night wear for women. Here, let’s take a glance at a number of the key areas that you just ought to definitely concentrate on.

1. Verify the fabric:

D:\preksha\photos\night dress banner\1 (15).jpg

Their area unit varied materials once it involved crafting night suits for womens. It’s up to you to choose what material looks more leisurely to you. For example, if you wish for that buttery sleek feel, material nightshirts ought to be your go-to decision. However, if you favour comfort and breathability additional, cotton enriched night suits are the proper decision for you.

2. Think About The Climate:

D:\preksha\photos\NightDress\WONIGHT_SHORTS_004\1.jpg  D:\preksha\photos\NightDress\WONIGHT_PANT_001\WONIGHT_PANT_001.jpg

Another important purpose is to appear at the atmospheric condition to form a practical selection. If hot, wet days are unit round the corner, keep on with short nighties or super with shorts. After all, the additional ethereal your night suits area unit the higher can they feel on your skin. just in case of winters, you ought to either decide on long nighties or pyjamas with hoodies to be cozy and comfy throughout the temperature reduction nights.

3. Decide In Keeping With Your Style:

While comfort is definitely a priority, vogue shouldn’t take a backseat either. select night suits for womens with prints and patterns that get in conjunction with your temperament. However, make certain you decide on one thing bottom as carrying loud wear is by no means a decent plan. except for avoiding an excessive amount of print, you ought to conjointly keep on with lighter shades. The lighter the shade of your night suit is, the calmer and relaxed you'll feel.

4. Select The Correct Silhouette:

When it involves night suits, fitting clothes are a giant no-no. You ought to forever prefer saggy night suits that enable you to set free and don’t bind you in any manner. They shouldn’t keep on with your body and irritate you, therefore make sure that the silhouette of your sleep tees and pyjamas falls straight. This way, you wouldn’t have to be compelled to twist or circle throughout your sleep. To increase the comfort level, you'll conjointly choose a see for size up isn't a foul plan in sleepwear.

5. Refrain from an excessive amount of detail:

Nightshirts ought to be the foremost restful outfit of your day, therefore avoid outfits that embody tons of details. They ought to have bottom or no details in the least in order that you don’t get disturbed throughout sleep. Refrain from supernumerary details, like huge buttons or lace material unless you intend to woo your man, and select one thing that blends with the material simply, like little press buttons, or slip-one.

We hope that the information mentioned on top of it will assist you to realize that excellent wear that's each high on vogue moreover as comfort. So, wait no additional and look today!

Men Shirt – Best Online Clothing Stores For Men

Men Shirt – Best Online Clothing Stores For Men

From casual to formal and skilled, Men Shirt is one kind of wear that has a completely different appearance and designs for each occasion. It's an important part of a men’s wardrobe. A Men’s Wardrobe desires a special kind of shirt for fashion. a number of the categories are here; From Online Shopping for Men, you can make your wardrobe more unique and versatile.

Checked Shirt:

Check Shirt vogue is common that is turning into known in every few years and ne'er leave of fashion. There are forms of checks that cause you to look skilled.

D:\New Product 04DEC2021\AVM018FULL.jpegD:\New Product 04DEC2021\AVM030FULL.jpeg

Plain shirt:

A plain shirt could be a common shirt worn on each occasion or workplace. It presents your temperament, skilled similarly as in step with your occasion. Formal made shining colour is that the best wear for parties

​​​​​​D:\Formal Shirts\UM0014.jpg

Formal Shirts:

It’s another forward cloth. Linen Shirts are radical, skinny and classy even when wrinkled. it's a summer shirt and keeps your body cool during a hot summer.

D:\preksha\photos\shirts banner\BeFunky-collage (19).jpg

Printed Shirts:

If you're not fascinated by plain shirts, then a written shirt is the right choice for you. These shirts are smart for an off-the-cuff trip, vacation mood, night out and informal business meeting. It is teamed up with a white tee and jeans.

D:\preksha\photos\shirts banner\BeFunky-collage (9).jpg

There are many designs, colors and a range of men’s shirts. Get solely those shirts that may be usually worn on all occasions and not burn holes in your notecase.

You can see multiple online clothing stores for Men & Women Clothing stores online you can take benefit from it and make your Wardrop more stylish & Latest.

Check Our Latest collection for Best Printed Shirts & T shirts Men's & Women's Clothing

Co-ord Sets For Men

Nightwear\Night Suit For Women

Mens Printed Shirts

Womens Printed Shirts

Mens Printed T-shirts

Printed jacquard saree

Mens Formal Shirts

How To Style A T-Shirts

How To Style A T-Shirts

How to Style a T-Shirt you want to vogue Them

Keep it cool and funky. The printed T-shirt vogue is all regarding these 2 words. Even obtaining across various apparels, the categories of t-shirts have invariably nailed the looks and luxury. The journal is all regarding the crips and fast info regarding the t-shirt vogue.

Buy Printed T-shirts online in India

The t-shirt vogue may vary periodically; however, some chief varieties of t-shirt vogue are constantly a serious attraction of all the individuals out there. Certainly, lately, the boys are a lot towards the style era as a result of despite what the aim is you will habitually judge the styles and designs of the most recent varieties of t-shirts that hold the potential to keep the apparel cool and composed like never before. 

However, each man is currently a lot involved regarding how they carry themselves and the measures to square aside from the fundamental fashion trend?

However, before shopping for it, a typical guide needs to be followed.

  • Neckline: The neck of the t-shirt ought to be sleek and do not resist neck movement.

  • Fit: the work can depend on the body posture; thus, double-check the measurements because the tee is meant to administer an ideal fitting. 

  • Sleeves: It mustn't exceed the skeletal muscle if it's a half-sleeve t-shirt vogue.

  • Length: The length of the t-shirt ought to lie on the belt.

  • Shoulders: The closure wherever the sleeve is hooked up to the body should be dead aligned with the top of the shoulder.

Checkout Some Best Men printed T-shirts 2021

The t-shirt neck sorts are another vital phase that allows you to ditch the regulars and prefer foremost a lot of fascinating men's apparel.

Crew Neck T-shirt vogue

Perfect for a Sunday brunch, you'll attempt to wear an Associate in Nursing aesthetic and funky crew neckline vogue collar t-shirt that speaks regarding the style sense. It's a loose neck that's different from the generic sorts. If you have a natural temperament, it is simple to adorn these varieties of t-shirts for men.

V Neck T-shirts vogue –The good Ones Have It

V neck vogue is another sort of t-shirt that speaks quite the words. The only real reason is to bring an amendment in a very monotonous means and opt for one thing a lot more exquisite as a cool t-shirt for men. To flaunt the physique, the V neck vogue is ideal for counting. A number of the store's deals in a very plain and Printed t-shirt.

Polo T-Shirt Collar sorts – Aesthetic nevertheless Funky

Another within the t-shirt neck sorts we've got a polo tee shirt. The polo t-shirt collar sorts are flexible in nature that they may be mixed formally and for casual occasions yet. So, time and once more, the character of searching for differing types of polo tee shirts online is crystal clear. The most effective half is that the polo t-shirt collar sorts tee is one of the staple covers within the closet that promptly revamp the gathering.

Full Sleeve T-Shirt Pattern – a significant Add-On To The Men's Wardrobe

Popularly noted as T-shirts that are best to administer an ingratiating look and secure your hands from the summer heat. The full sleeves are obtainable in Printed vogue; thus, the cool look doesn't get dissolved with comfort. The full sleeve t-shirt is a few different striped versions of the polo t-shirt sort that contains a fusion of aesthetic and funky look. You will attain the apparel in a very sway! Because It's All regarding varieties of T-Shirt Sleeves vogue Full Sleeves T-Shirts vogue. The full sleeves varieties of t-shirts are quite happening as a result of each full hand sleeve. Yes! Such T-shirt's sleeves finish at the elbow that eventually drags the eye of the passing-by. Being thus interested in covering is possible, however higher than that, you wish to create a certain to scrutinize the most effective online store.

Plain T-Shirt vogue: Let Basic create The Noise.

Look, what we've got in it, a noticeable t-shirt vogue. Whenever there's a look for various t-shirts for men, the solid tees get the most approach. It's primarily a diamond within the heap of rags. It's an incomparable favorite of each man, and it's simple to combine with any bottom wear. Whether or not you're going for an off-the-cuff meet or a friendly meet, the plain tee shirt keeps you each refined and funky.

These were some cool t-shirt designs alongside the various t-shirts for men that may invariably keep you within the fashion league. Let's ease the method as Khankudi has equipped the gathering with the initial picture vary of styles of t-shirts. So, get them ASAP, finish the voice communication.

Check a lot of Relevant Printed Shirts & T-shirts







Buy Men's Printed Shirts Online From Khankudi

Buy Men's Printed Shirts Online From Khankudi

Printed Shirts are the future of Menswear 

Are you feeling bored by wearing regular plain shirts? Here we come up with the latest and all-new Men's printed shirts with different patterns & styles. 

How To Pick A Great Printed Shirt This part is the hardest. You have to choose very carefully between Bold printed shirts in design & Quality. 

  1. You have to stick with colours & patterns Which are not available in your wardrobe. Orange shirts with khaki trousers are not going to work. Black, blue, white, blue, pink are all colours which are easy to match with trousers & shirts regardless of the season.
  2. Choose patterns with objects which are interesting and suit your character.
  3. Fabric is very important like silk is best, followed by wool/cotton. For the Low quality shirts, you’ll get polyester which looks pretty good at night on the dance floor or at parties.


Where is the best place to buy Men's printed shirts online?

You can see several websites online where you can buy printed shirts in different patterns & shades but the most asking question is WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO BUY MEN'S PRINTED SHIRTS?

Before purchasing a printed shirt online you have to know about these points.

1) Buy from the Manufactures

2) Check these points are mention or not as per the below image

3) Payment gateway options.

4) Location of a brand from where you are buying

And all these points you can see on one of the most trusted brands KHANKUDI.COM

Visit the website now and buy your most likeable shirts, T-shirts, Track pants, Jeans, Nightwear or many more.

Where can I buy good shirts at the best rate online?

Printed shirts are not significantly a case of the more costly, the better. You can pick up reasonably printed shirts from the likes of Somewhat more expensive shirts are available in the online store.

See below for our exclusive selection of the best printed shirts for men & Hawaiian style shirts for men.

Ethnic Pattern Printed Casual Shirt @599


Ethnic Pattern Print Floral Casual Shirts @599

D:\Harsh\Khankudi Prodduct\Product Cat\AP\AP- Front looks\AP002.jpeg

Abstract Element Pattern Print Breathable Shirt @599

D:\Model\SHIRT ALL DESIGN\AP0069.jpg 

Abstract Element Pattern Print Breathable Shirt @ 599


Oil Print Leaf Turn Down Collar Shirts @599


Abstract Printing Casual Designer Shirts @599


Abstract Element Pattern Print Breathable Shirts @599

D:\Harsh\Khankudi Prodduct\Product Cat\BKT\BKT_FRONT_BACK\BKT009.jpeg

Here are the many several different patterns & styles are available on our website you can check and book your order any time 24*7, Buying from khankudi is HASSLE-FREE. We are providing free shipping in India to your doorstep.

The evergreen printed shirts go very well on both Men's & Women's. Check the latest collection of Mens printed shirts, Womens printed shirts, T-shirts, Woman shirts, couple printed shirts, and more. Try the different shades like brown, white, grey, black, etc. and make your wardrobe more fashionable.

Abstract Element Pattern Print Breathable Shirt @599

D:\Harsh\Khankudi Prodduct\Product Cat\AP\AP- Front looks\AP0023.jpeg

Abstract Element Pattern Print Breathable Shirts @599

D:\preksha\photos\MEN'S PRINTED SHIRT ALL DESIGN\BKT0066.jpg